Convenience Traits.


"CALVING EASE MATERNAL is an EPD trait that is often ignored.  If you're a cattle breeder saving your own replacements I encourage you to give it some thought.  It is common to select a sire for your first calf heifers with either a good CALVING EASE DIRECT or low BIRTH WT EPD and feel like we've done our job.  The sire represents half the genetics for birth wt and calf structure.   The dam also contributes half the genetics but 100% of the pelvic size and shape, 100% of the environment and 100% of the "want to" when it comes time to give birth.  Give it some thought."

"With calving season about over for most of us, it's time to reflect. We all look at the birth weights and performance when selecting herd sires. Let's not forget the convenience traits: maternal calving, ease docility, and polled vs. horned. You don't need to select for them but by avoiding those that are 'below average', you can make calving season and life a little easier. Take a look at our herd sires and see how yours compares."

Bruner Limousin Genetic Power XXXIII
March 28, 2015 at 1:00 p.m. cst

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"I have bought bulls here and I will be back to buy more bulls here because your numbers work!"
Jeff Younie, Alpena, SD

“We’ve been buying your bulls for 3 decades. The same people buy our calves every year. I don’t know what your doing, but keep doing it.”
Tim Lawler, Lawler Family Farm

“I used your bull on first calf heifers until he got too big for them, then sold him to my nephew. Calving ease was excellent. Like having another hired man.”
Robert Person